Technical University of Moldova (TUM) is the only higher technical educational institution, accredited by the State in Moldova Republic. It is located in three campuses of the city:
Central campus with faculties of Energetics & Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Telecommunications; Rascani campus with faculties of Mechanical Engineering & Transport and Computers, Informatics & Microelectronics, as well as faculties of Technology & Management in Food Industry and Light industry; Botanica campus which comprises faculties of civil & economic engineering and business.



                          The central building of Technical University of Moldova


          Since its establishment in 1964 until now, it has trained about 78 387 engineers and economists. The University offers courses in 60 specialties and specializations for the 1 cycle, 43 specialties for masters and 45 specialties for doctorate, covering the needs of the national economy in preparing engineers. At TUM, studies are organized under the European System of Transferable Academic Credits (ESTC). The ESTC facilitates mobility of students and young professionals in the European area with recognition of diplomas.

         The TUM students do their internships at companies of the country (private and state), with which the university has contracts based on mutual interest. Every year, hundreds of students from TUM do their internships in other countries, with which TUM maintains Scientific and Didactic links: Romania, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, England, Czech Republic, Turkey Belgium, Slovakia etc.




Campus at Rascani district with Technical Park


          To scientific researchers at TUM is given a special attention, they being an essential component of education. Students actively participate in the research process, which leads to raising their level of professional training. University cooperates with more than 75 universities and scientific centers from different countries



Campus at Botanica district


Here are held international scientific conferences and symposiums in the fields of microelectronics and nanotechnologies, telecommunication and information technologies, biomedical engineering etc.