Below is a short list of proposals in the close proximity of the central building of Technical University of Moldova (15-30 minutes walking distance) for different hotels that you can find in Chisinau. More detailed information is available at their websites. If you choose a hotel not included in the list, you are expected to do the booking yourself.


City Park Hotel
Eugen Doga Street 2A, 2005 Chişinău
Astoria Hotel
Rabi Ţirilson 4, 2005 Chişinău
Luna Hotel
Petru Movila Street 4, MD 2004 Chişinău
Hotel Olsi
Chişinău, Alexandru Bernardazzi Str. 26/3

of theTechnical University of Moldova
The hotel is located in Rascani campus within walking distance from the Tekwill center where  the Conference wil ltake place.

     All questions on booking and other accommodation related issues should be addressed to the Organizing Committee, namely, Mss. Olga Mocreac (